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 Huntington Park Fence and Gate Repair

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Huntington Park Electric Gate

Repair Services

Warning! if your gate ever shows signs of exposed wire, excessive instability , or making loud noises you should not attempt to address the problem your self

We replace and repair all of the moving parts of your Huntington Park Electric Gate. We take care of everything from a-z. Here's what we can repair and replace for you apart from the operator it self :

Huntington Park Fence  and Gate Repair
Severe Damage or Accidental Damage

We can replace your damaged fence or match it to the existing design.


Electric gates provide protection for your home. doing so it can get damaged. We will replace your damage gate with a new one. our team will either match your design or make a better one for you.


Not all gates need complete replacement when damaged. We can assess the damage and give you a quote for replacement or repairs were possible.

 Huntington Park Electric Gate

Track Repair and Replacement

Replace damage, bent, or worn out tracks


The track and rollers is what your gate glides on as it opens and closes. Over time the track can become damaged bent or even come loose. When this happens the gate can become dislodged and get stuck. typically tracks don't get repaired they get replaced. its also recommended that you replace your electric driveway gate wheels

Fence and Electric Gate

Broken Hinge and Bracket Replacement

Broken Hinges and brackets happened.


Hinges and brackets break over time. It's more common than you think and in most cases doesn't have to do with the quality of the installation. Drastic changes in weather cause metal to harden and soft. Also The ground shifting will cause this too. It is also possible that hinges or bracket need to be install with higher rated metal. No matter the case we will come without and replace hinges. Bracket will need to be replaced or welded.

Fence and Gate

Rollers Replacement

Replace and maintain your rollers for a smoothers gate function.


fence and gate rollers are located in several places depending on your setup. The rollers them self are very durable.  Rollers are what helps stabilize and make your gate open and close with the least amount of friction. These rollers are made of metal wheels, a composite bushing and sealed bearings. when damaged, the bushings break down and bearings cease. This is bad because it is now adding an extra work load to your fence and gate system and operator. This type of repair is relatively straight forward and can be done the same day

Fence and Gate Repair

Broken Chain Replacement

Broken Chain Replacement


The chain is what connects to operator drive to the gate. It is what pushes and closes your gate. When the chain breaks or snaps your gate will not open or close. The chain look very similar to a bicycle chain but only longer and much thicker.  Chains usually don't break. When they do its usually because of lack of maintenance or proper lubrication. If you notice your chain is broken give us a call and we will fix it that same day of appointment.

Loop Sensor Replacement

Loop Replacement

The Loops are sensor in the ground that tell the operator control board where your vehicle is. This allows for the gate to close when a car leaves or maintains the gate opens will the car enters and exits. these sensors can stop working and cause either the gate stop opening or will simply close on a vehicle . when replacing  these it is necessary to make a narrow cut into the ground to expose the sensor.

Locks and latches

Lock and Latch repair


Most electric gates are made out of metal or have metal frames. If a lock or latch is damaged due to corrosion or brute force we can replace it. We can also upgrade your existing lock or latch with some more durable.  Contact us to Daschle a appointment today.

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